El Cerrillo Industrial building


Av. Del Cerrillos Manzana Unica , Parque Industrial Lerma, En Lerma De Villada, State of Mexico.

Spec sheet(PDF)


Description and characteristics

Total Land Area: 5000.00 M2.
Total Building Area: 4,397.57 M2.

- 608.62.00 m2 of construction of offices inside the building built with solid block in walls and ceilings with solid slab.
with finishings in walls and plafonds repellado and application of vinyl paint and cancel aluminum.   

- The main facade is built in its entirety with solid block, structured with chains and castles at a height of 11.00 meters.   

- 3 toilets cores (3 Wc, 2 toilets and 1 urinal each).   

- Minimum roof height of 7.5 meters, maximum height 10.50 meters, from finished floor level.   

- Metallic structure of variable section with polín mount to every 1.8 meters and covered with pintro engargolada sheet and polycarbonate sheet.   

- Separation between columns of 10.00 meters short and 25.25 meters long.   

- It has 1 platform / ramps for trailers and 3 for trucks for loading and unloading maneuvers.   

- Reinforced concrete floors cast with concrete of 4.5 tons per m2, with an integral polished finish.   

- 1.20 mts of Improvement of the terrain based on material sand and gravel controlled in layers of 20 cm.   

- The foundation is based on running shoes and insulated shoes on axes of columns, made of reinforced concrete and cast with f'c 250 kg / cm2.   

- The perimeter walls are made with solid block and structured with chains and castles armed with steel of 1/2 to 20 cm, cast with a f'c 200 kg / cm2 at a height of 8.50 meters from the floor level finished on average.   

- Electric power with 150. kVA supply and preparation for 127 and 220 VOLTS.   

- Lighting based on lamps in the offices.

- Illumination in the building based on lamps of metallic additives.   

- Guardhouse with toilet service of approximately 10.0 m2   

- 20 parking spaces.   

- Time of completion of the work 5.00 years


Availability for installation of: Telephone lines; Higher electric power load (optional client); Wide access and avenues for circulation and maneuvering of heavy cargo vehicles; Public transport infrastructure.              

Communication and important roads: Paseo Tollocan; Access to highway Mexico- Morelia-Guadalajara-Querétaro; Toluca-Naucalpan Highway; Toluca International Airport; Industrial Park of Lerma, which has the presence of various companies and industries, which represent customers or potential suppliers.